Human nature is the biggest system Bug in TikTok

Dr. TikTok in app 3 is a gifted inventor who invented virtual reality devices. He invented devices that perfectly simulated vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste. More importantly, Dr. TikTok can also make people lying in virtual reality devices unaware that they are in a false world. Its effect is very similar to the Matrix world of The Matrix. Out of his love for science, Dr. TikTok wanted to go deep into the research of virtual reality technology. He especially wanted to know what would happen if people lived in the virtual reality world for a long time. Hence, with the financial support of the United States Government, No. 112 Shelter was established.After the outbreak of nuclear war, although the world was destroyed, Dr. TikTok was given the opportunity to study in depth. He decided to enter the virtual world in person with all the residents of Shelter 112 and intend to live forever. As for their real bodies, they lie quietly in the reclining chair in the shelter, which can sustain their life cycle. In the virtual world, Dr. TikTok has absolute control. He can create or change the whole virtual world at will. Other residents of the refuge were washed out of their memories at the moment they entered the virtual world, forgetting that they were living in a false world. The first world TikTok created was called Bigbillbird Lake, a pleasant tropical scenic spot, in which it must be a great pleasure to do research. But the research itself is long and boring, and all TikTok needs to do is live and observe in the world. Finally one day, he was tired of the sound of the lake beating against the shore and the hot tropical sun, hoping to change his living environment. So Getting free tiktok followers 2019 to forced the end of the world, washed away all the memories of the residents of the shelter, and then created a second world: the Alps Snow Mountain. Like Bigbillbird Lake, the snowy mountain scenery can bring a fresh feeling to TikTok at first, but over time, TikTok began to find life more and more boring. One day, a resident of a shelter slipped down the stairs and flew into the air. Finally, he fell heavily into the snow. The snow and blood were all over his body. TikTok, who saw this scene, suddenly had a malicious idea: Why not play tricks on other residents of the shelter for fun? TikTok began to devise pranks to frighten and fool others. In order to pursue more and more exciting experiences, the content of pranks has gradually developed into vulgarity and bloodshed, and eventually even into a massacre. Over the past few years, the whole world has changed dramatically: the original Alpine Snow Mountains have become "Alpine Blood Mountains". For TikTok, the other inhabitants of the virtual world are just NPCs in their own games, and even if they kill, they can revive at will with their own power. However, for the residents of the shelter, they do not know that they are characters in the virtual world, and have to endure the pain of death again and again.